This is where you can talk about pok'emon. Featuring a role playing system.
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We need to go over the rules for the role playing system.PokemonEach trainer must have a starter pokemon to start.(Bulbasour,Squirtle,Charmander,Tr-eeko,Mudkip,Torchic,Turtwig,Piplip)Each trainer can only have up to 6 pokemon.They level up each time you battle.You can choose existing pokemon moves for your pokemon.EvolutionYour pokemon evolves by leveling up,stones,friendship,or trading.How the pokemon evolves in the video game is how they evove here.GymsThere are many types of gyms in this forum.You can become a gym leader and create your own gym as long you have atleast 3 pokemon.Gym leaders can't challenge the Elite four.You have to have atleast 8 gym badges to challenge the Elite four.The challenger can be a mix trainer but the gym leader can only us one pokemon type.Elite fourOnce you collect atleast 8 gym badges you can challene the Elite four.Unlike the gym leaders the Elite four can be a mix trainer.Once you beat the Elite four you will be entered to the hall of fame.TradesYou can trade pokemon but if it can evole by trading it have to evolve.There can be trade backs if both agree.ItemsThere will be a shop where you buy pokemon items.You us poke cash to buy stuff. You earn poke cash by winning battle.regular-50Gym leader-100-150Elite four -500

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